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I agree with Allegro on this one. The term “beneficiary” might be better. Prvious Kudoz and a more accurate answer Something 205-a would be best here and I go along with the suggestion in the previous glossary entry. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers.

How to file a French tax return as an expat

I am aware that this term has come up before but not sure if the explanation gives an accurate rendering of the term. Your family return should also include your dependents any children aged under 21, or students aged under December 11, Expat Students in France: The French tax authorities are working to making filing French tax returns easier.

Grading comment Selected automatically based on peer agreement. Post Your ideas for ProZ. Prvious Kudoz and a more accurate answer.

Your choices will not impact your visit. Under French law, you are a resident in France for tax purposes if you meet any one of the following four conditions:. Once you establish residency in France, you are liable to pay taxes in France on your income worldwide. Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy. To me this is accurate but too long. There is not a single French tax form but rather additional forms for each type of income must be filled out to accompany your main French tax return form Form Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums.


In order to comply with your French income tax reporting obligation, you must complete Form the recapitulative form and perhaps other forms depending on the source and 2705-q of income and expenses for the year. For the time being, most people can choose between filing a paper declaration or an online French tax return, however, conditions exist.

Peer comments on this reference comment and responses from the reference poster. Please note that you do not pay any amount with your declaration. It is very important to cetfa the filing deadlines.

I’d go for the first one. This information will include salary amounts, bank interest, dividends etc. You will not receive a preprinted form if you opt to file your French tax return online.

Tks Allegro Trans, this is ecrfa the case, and not a ‘testament’. December 11, Expat Voices of France: How to file a French tax return as an expat.

déclaration de succession | French to English | Law: Taxation & Customs

If you have paid French taxes before, you will typically receive Form in the mail, on which you should list your worldwide income and gains. For example, if was the first year you filed you will be paying towards your French tax liability on the basis of your income. Rachel Fell United Kingdom Native speaker of: Not enough context to tell, and you are mentioning the verfa but it may include more-possessions, money, treasures Note added at 15 hrs January 16, Corporate taxes in France and French corporate tax rates.

Their primary focus is income and wealth tax returns, where they assist expats on positioning, preparation and processing of the returns during thorough personal consultations. Close and don’t show again Close.


BrE estate return for inheritance tax account purposes. Even married children and grandchildren can be added to your tax household under specific conditions.

CERFA : Déclaration de dons manuels et sommes d’argent

Some local French tax offices deliver sessions in English to help non-French speakers through the process of filing a French tax return. Whilst the Attestation Immobiliere is optional, the lodging of an Inheritance Tax Declaration une declaration de 205-a is compulsory even if no inheritance tax is actually payable.

If you are married, then you are likely to have to file a joint return for the entire year, with exceptions only allowed in limited circumstances. As I said to her, it’s not that sure. Please note that the income tax declaration must be completed by the due date, which is generally sometime in May of the following year.

Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree. This guide provided by Elitaxa one-stop shop for assistance with French taxes, explains everything you need to file your French tax return, including which expenses can be deducted on your French tax form, such as childcare expenses, energy efficient technologies, or hiring domestic help.

February 6, The expat community in Nice. The French have a great term for will: What it actually is Reference information: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using.

Note to reference poster Asker: French PRO pts in category: Your professional activity is in France.