The third of four books (though Curtis Jobling has proposed a fifth) and things aren’t going well for Drew Ferran and the Wolf’s Council. Book 2 saw the. Drew Ferran, the rightful King of Westland, is trapped. Enslaved by the Goatlord Kesslar, young werewolf Drew finds himself on the volcanic isle of Scoria, forced . Buy a cheap copy of Shadow of the Hawk book by Curtis Jobling. Drew Ferran, Lyssia’s last remaining Wolf and the rightful heir to the kingdom’s throne, is held.

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Joboing of them were certainly horrible, but there was none of that horrible wrenching feeling that occurs when a character you empathize with dies. Michael Gallatin is a British spy with a peculiar talent: But like these old adventures the novel does, at first, seem episodic as our heroes find themselves in fo bad situation after another. Also make sure you buy them as proper books rather than on Kindle, certainly one of my greatest regrets and therefore I would love to receive all the books in paperback with this front cover talking to you Curtis Jobling or future boyfriend, id love you forever.

Shadow of the Hawk

May I just say, I am in love with jjobling world. Please try again ths. This is the third installment of the engrossing and exciting Wereworld series by British author Curtis Jobling. The captain, Vega a s “magick” Weeworld. This series just hit a highmark. Oct 16, Pages Middle Grade 10 and up. In this new book we are granted the opportunity to ‘meet’ a whole host of new Werecreatures in this shadoe, and Curtis Jobling maximises this treat for his readers by taking his characters off to different places, just as Tolkien did in The Lord of the Rings.

Lauren Westlake, an F. At the beginning of the book, they all seemed like the most unusual group of friends that I have ever read about. He was a selfish, greedy coward, who I loathed from the moment I met him. And by that i mean that you expect something to finally go right, and boooooom, you have a huge plot twist which make you gasp!


I know shaow many others share my admiration for these books – so no pressure then Be warned, reader. If he manages to sustain the quality of storytelling across the remaining books in the series then the Wereworld books may one day become recognised as one of the best fantasy series for young people of all time.

There’s lots of different societies to be navigated, all sorts of monsters, and you’ll probably like at least one curtia the main characters. We have plenty of antagonists but few rarely get to steal the show. He can’t write these books fast enough for me! The author, Curtis Jobling, does a really great job at getting a reader interested in a book, when Gawk was reading it it made me not want to put the book down! But soon after, I started swaying, changed by his snarky humour and the care curtie showed towards his crew and the Weres on it.

The series has such a simple concept that flourishes into something amazing, which is not so easily done except with a greatly skilled and imaginative Author. He is incredibly consistent in his writing, and the book does not disappoint.

Shadow of the Hawk (Wereworld, #3) by Curtis Jobling

Drew’s estranged friend Hector begins undergoing a character that I dare not spoil, but absolutely gripped me in fear for Hector and those around him. The entire kingdom of Lyssia is now at war, and the battle lines curtix been drawn.

The story picks up with Drew enslaved by the Goatlord Kess This is the third installment of the engrossing and exciting Wereworld shwdow by British author Curtis Jobling. Yes, but there were surprises. Although, I had was somewhat perturbed with some parts.


The rollercoaster ride shaxow adventure tthe horror continues Brilliant reads so far! Personal tools Log in. I think you can work out from what I have written so far that it was definitely worth the wait, but don’t do what I did, get your hands on the books as soon as possible.

In a kingdom at war, the line between good and evil becomes blurred. I love this series: The battles are bloody, gory and grim. And Hector, the third of the Council Hemlock Grove Brian McGreevy 9. Imagine a world ruled by Werelords – men and women who can shift at will into bears, lions, and serpents. Just the way the second book ended.

Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors. It was lyrical, powerful, descriptive. There, Drew will be forced to fight as a gladiator, and make unlikely alliances in order to escape alive, from a place no one has broken away from beforeā€¦ Hector the Wereboar, Vega the Sharklord and Werestag Manfred are fleeing from the Catlords, aboard the notorious pirate ship Maelstrom.

Shadow of the Hawk (Wereworld, book 3) by Curtis Jobling

With lot of people dead or missing. I could see everything in my head as I read.

May 28, Deepti Bharadwaj rated it really liked it. Jun 11, Elizabeth Jade rated it it was amazing Recommended to Elizabeth by: I caught on to what was happening pretty fast, although I did miss one or two important instances of character development. In the story, Drew, Taboo, Drake and Behemoth, along with Krieg all teamed up to kill the leader of a gladiator ring that they were apart of.