The Réseau de Résistance du Québécois (RRQ) is a small fringe Quebec nationalist group founded in that advocates Quebec sovereignty. In , the RRQ claimed a membership of people. The RRQ have released a manifesto, called “Manifeste du Réseau de One reading was the FLQ Manifesto written by the paramilitary organization. 5 oct. , complot entre le FLQ et des Noirs américains pour dynamiter de Cross et la cellule de Libération demande la lecture du Manifeste à. La cellule Libération du FLQ, ayant participée à la crise d’Octobre – site lui qui fut l’un des principaux rédacteurs du Manifeste d’octobre en

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Montreal Gazette ‘s Quebec affairs columnist Don Macpherson wrote that the RRQ used propaganda of the deed combined with threats of violence [7] [8] and that played a major role in the cancellation of the reenactment. Battlefields Commission backs down”.

Duu operation was so successful that Canada’s prime minister believed that the CIA had conducted operations in Canada. Invoking the War Measures Act was a politically risky move for Trudeau because the Act overrode fundamental rights and privileges enumerated in the common law and in the Dk Bill of Rights ; therefore, there was a strong possibility that Trudeau might have lost popular support among Quebec voters.

Demonstrations of public support influenced subsequent government actions. In Revolutionary Strategy and the Role of the Avant-Garde was prepared by the FLQ, outlining their long-term strategy of successive waves of robberies, violence, bombings, and kidnappings, culminating in revolution.

Front de libération du Québec – Wikipedia

The group split into two over what plans should be taken, but were reunited during mwnifeste crisis itself. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Laporte was coming from a meeting with others where they had discussed the demands of the FLQ. As part of its Manifestothe FLQ stated: In Julypolice arrested and charged a sixth person in connection with the Cross kidnapping. In justifying his decision he described the FLQ fkq a “shock group” whose continued activities would only play into the hands of the forces of repression against which they were no match.

Archived from the original on Early in Decemberpolice discovered the location of the kidnappers holding James Cross. In the following days, FLQ leaders held meetings to increase public support for the cause.

Front de libération du Québec

Chronology of incidents of terroristic, quasi-terroristic attacks, and political violence in the United States: The rise of the PQ attracted both active and would-be participants away from the dangerous activities of the FLQ. Nigel Barry Hamer, a British radical socialist and FLQ sympathizer, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 months in jail. Several persons who were detained were initially denied access to legal counsel.

By the early s, most of the imprisoned FLQ members had been paroled or released.

In Septemberthe pair were extradited to Canada. Retrieved 11 April Montreal Stock Exchange BombingTwo kidnappings of government officialsvarious others.

Documents de l’histoire du Québec / Documents of Quebec History

Clark, Irwin, et Co. Montreal Gazette, May 21, His release was negotiated and on December 3,five of the FLQ members were granted their request for safe passage to Cuba by the Government of Canada after approval by Fidel Castro. In an impromptu interview with Tim Ralfe and Peter Reilly on the steps of Parliament, Pierre Trudeau, responding to a question of how extreme his implementation of the War Measures Act would be, Trudeau answered, “Well, just watch me.


It gained the support of many left-leaning students, teachers and academics up towho engaged in public strikes in solidarity with FLQ during the October crisis. The ideology was based on an extreme form of Quebec nationalism that denounced Anglo exploitation and control of Quebec, combined with Marxist-Leninist ideas and arguments. Retrieved 13 August The Sword and the Shield: Retrieved from ” https: Jean concert for the St.

Police deterrence and flagging public support contributed to the decline of the FLQ. Canada’s Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeauin his statement to the press during the October Crisis, admitted that the radicalism occurring in Quebec at this manifesste had bred out of social unease due to imperfect legislation.

The FLQ commenced their attacks on March 7, This also combined several other pro-sovereignty mnifeste. This thing unleashed passions. However, despite this admission, Trudeau declared in his statement to the press that in order to deal with the unruly radicals or “revolutionaries,” the federal government would invoke the War Measures Actthe only time the country used these powers during peacetime.